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Roll Cage Pallet
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Roll Cage Pallet

Roll cage pallet is composed of an metal base plate and 2 foldable panels and a hook. It is usually
Clothes Cage Trolley
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Clothes Cage Trolley

The clothes cage trolley is a square base with three removable panels and four wheels, making the
Cage Trolly
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Cage Trolly

The cage trolly is composed of an A frame base and four wheels plus 2 panels. And there is a
Metal Cage Trolley
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Metal Cage Trolley

The metal cage trolley is a versatile and convenient option for transporting goods. It features
Mesh Trolley Cages
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Mesh Trolley Cages

The mesh trolley cages is a wire mesh structure that is used to transport goods. It is commonly
Roll Cages For Supermarkets
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Roll Cages For Supermarkets

The roll cages for supermarkets base plate made of plastic, and the two foldable panels provide
2 Sided Roll Cage Trolley
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2 Sided Roll Cage Trolley

This tough 2 sided roll cage trolley features double-sided wire mesh construction for very heavy
Plastic Lined Laundry Cage
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Plastic Lined Laundry Cage

The Plastic Lined Laundry Cage is a tool for the laundry industry with a inner plastic plate and
Folding Laundry Trolley
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Folding Laundry Trolley

The folding laundry trolley is an easy-to-move trolley with four wheels, three panels with PP sheet
Demountable Roll Pallets
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Demountable Roll Pallets

The demountable roll pallets consist of a square base, four wheels, two detachable panels and a
Warehouse Trolley Cages
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Warehouse Trolley Cages

The warehouse trolley cages' three sides and A frame base make it foldable so it can be easily
Roll Cage Pallets
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Roll Cage Pallets

The roll cage pallets are commonly used in post office work. It is an iron base plate, but also has
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What is a Cage Pallet?

A cage pallet, also known as a pallet cage or stillage, is a steel pallet with four legs, a solid base, and enclosed sides made from heavy-duty steel mesh. Cage pallets are designed to support and separate contents like a pallet while providing additional security. They are often used to transport goods in warehouses.

Rigid Steel Bulk Container


Industrial Wire Storage Containers

Benefits of Using the Cage Pallet



Material is Stored Safely

Unlike open shelving systems that utilize standard wooden pallets, pallet cages surround material in a steel shell that provides excellent protection against damage. Pallet cages are a great choice for goods that don’t fit on standard pallets. Having four sides allows even loose objects to be stored safely. And pallet cages are the best option for the storage of hazardous materials.

Steel is Strong and Durable

Forklift accidents happen, and when they do, lesser storage methods put your goods at risk. Pallet cages protect your investment. Galvanized steel is also resistant to rust, making it a good option for outdoor storage, or for storage applications involving liquids. Pallet cages stand up to the abuses of transport, keeping their shape so that they can be used repeatedly for years.

Easy Transport and Handling

Because pallet cages can be manipulated with standard forklifts, it’s a simple matter to move material around a warehouse or in transit. They can go from warehouse to truck to boat, train, or plane and back again without ever risking spillage or damage to the goods stored inside. And when they arrive at their destination, a simple stacking arrangement makes short work of efficient storage.

Space Saving Designs

Pallet cages can be stacked a number of layers deep, allowing a large amount of material to be stored in a small space, without the need for expensive, permanent racking systems. Because these stacks aren’t dependent on shelves, they can be placed anywhere and moved if necessary. And when a cage has been emptied, many styles allow it to collapse, fold, or be dismantled for easy storage until it’s needed again.

Accommodate a Variety of Goods

Pallet cages come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and styles. No matter what you’re trying to store, there’s likely an existing pallet cage option that would suit your needs. But for unusual applications, custom cages can be manufactured, so that the advantages of the technology can be enjoyed across every industry.


What are Features of Cage Trolley?



Stackable Metal Basket

Unmatched Durability

Boasting a 500kg load capacity, the Cage Trolley handles hefty tasks with unparalleled strength, perfect for demanding environments.

Rigid Wire Mesh Containers

Effortless Two-Sided Access

Designed for easy item retrieval, its two-sided design ensures swift access, streamlining work processes for increased efficiency.

Rigid Wire Mesh Containers

Rust-Proof Excellence

With a zinc-plated mesh finish, this trolley resists rust and wear, guaranteeing a long product lifespan and consistent aesthetic appeal.

Metal Cages For Storage

Space-Efficient Design

Dismountable and compact, it’s the ideal storage solution for restricted areas, maximizing space without compromising capacity.

Steel Mesh Cage

Supreme Cleanliness Assured

Featuring a hygienic frame, it’s suitable for steam cleaning or pressure washing—vital for critical settings like healthcare or food prep.

Rigid Wire Containers

Customizable Shelving

Tailor your storage needs with up to 4 mesh shelves, offering versatile options to organise and transport items.

Large Wire Mesh Baskets

Smooth & Safe Navigation

Equipped with wheeled castors (2 fixed, 2 swivel), experience premium maneuverability and floor damage prevention in every movement.

Heavy Duty Metal Basket

Overall Dimensions

The overall trolley dimensions are 1710(H) x 710(W) x 800(D) mm. Also can be customized according to customer requirements.


How to Maintain the Cage Trolley for as long as Possible and Ensure Maximum Productivity?



Never Exceed the Load Capacity
All cage trolleys have a designated load capacity. Some are designed for heavy duty use, and some are suited to more light weight usage. For example, we offer a Security A Frame Nestable Roll Pallets. They have a load capacity that can hold up to 600kg. However, it is important to note that even though the load capacity is high, cage trolleys are designed for specific workplace items and nothing else.


Ensure the Trolley is Maintained and Clean
Firstly, keeping the cage trolley clean is the best way to ensure longevity. It also increases the quality and performance of the roll cage trolley. Our range of metal cage trolleys are designed to be easily cleaned with no complications. They are all powder coated with a durable zinc plated finish which increases the lifespan of the product due to the zinc creating a physical barrier protecting the shell of the trolley.


Check the Cage Trolley Before Use
Another key point to keep your cage trolley in top form is to check it before use. This will prevent any future damages from happening and therefore save you money in the long run! To get into the habit of regularly checking your trolley before use will ensure safe loading and no harmful damage to your workforce. In addition, most cage trolleys are set up in the same way so this will not take long at all.


Make Use of the Trolleys Accessories
Cage trolleys come as they are. They are very practical and simple, however, we offer specific accessories designed to increase the efficiency of the trolley. Firstly, we offer trolleys with extra shelves and sides. This is beneficial for workforces that need to carry and load multiple different items and need to keep them in a safe and secure storage place. We also offer Roll Cage Sacks which are ideal for waste collection when on the move. Finally, another key accessory is the Magnetic wrap around pockets. These are key for when workplaces need to be organised and display and protect certain documents.


The Applications of Cage Trolley

Warehousing and Logistics
In warehouses, cage trolleys are used for transporting goods, picking orders, and moving items between different areas. They can efficiently carry packages, boxes, and smaller items, streamlining the logistics process.


Retail and Supermarkets
Cage trolleys are utilized in retail environments, such as supermarkets and large stores, for stocking shelves, replenishing merchandise, and transporting goods within the store. They help in organizing and moving products effectively.


Manufacturing Facilities
Within manufacturing plants, cage trolleys aid in moving raw materials, components, and finished products along assembly lines or between different sections of the facility. They facilitate the handling and transport of items during the production process.


Hospitality and Catering
In hotels, restaurants, and catering services, cage trolleys are used for transporting food, dishes, and supplies. They assist in setting up banquet halls, catering events, and efficiently managing kitchen operations.

Rigid Wire Mesh Containers



Wire Mesh Crate

Healthcare Facilities
In hospitals and healthcare settings, cage trolleys can be used to transport medical supplies, equipment, linens, and other essential items. They help in maintaining an organized and efficient workflow within the healthcare facility.


Gardening and Landscaping
For outdoor applications, cage trolleys are used in gardening and landscaping tasks. They assist in carrying tools, plants, soil, and other materials around gardens, nurseries, or landscaping sites.


Waste Management
In waste collection and recycling centers, cage trolleys are employed to collect, sort, and transport recyclable materials or waste items. They aid in the efficient management of waste disposal processes.


Events and Exhibitions
During events, trade shows, or exhibitions, cage trolleys can be utilized for transporting promotional materials, exhibition stands, and equipment. They help in setting up and organizing event spaces.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Cage Trolley

Q: What is a roll cage trolley?

A:Roll cage trolley is a highly versatile and cage-like container with wheels. Many are using this kind of container because of its ability to store and transport goods around the warehouse. These warehouse roll cages are also easy to use and an ideal space-saver, as it can be installed or disassembled in minutes when not in use.

Q: Where can this cage trolley be used?

A: This cage trolley is excellent for all retail and industrial applications. The wide variety of trolleys provided by ESWIRES are suitable for stock transfer in storerooms and distribution centers. Hence, they help transport stock to shelves in various supermarkets and retail stores.

Q: What materials are cage trolleys made of?

A: Cage trolleys are commonly made of durable materials such as steel or aluminum for strength and longevity.

Q: What is the load capacity of a typical cage trolley?

A: The load capacity varies, but it's usually specified by the manufacturer. It's crucial not to exceed the recommended weight limit for safe use.

Q: Where are cage trolleys commonly used?

A: Cage trolleys find applications in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail stores, healthcare settings, and more.

Q: Are cage trolleys foldable for easy storage?

A: Some cage trolleys are designed to be foldable or collapsible for convenient storage when not in use.

Q: Do cage trolleys come with brakes?

A: Many cage trolleys are equipped with brakes on the wheels to ensure stability when stationary.

Q: Can cage trolleys be used outdoors?

A: Yes, some cage trolleys have a powder-coated finish to protect against rust, making them suitable for outdoor use.

Q: How are cage trolleys assembled?

A: Cage trolleys typically require assembly upon delivery, and they come with clear instructions for easy setup.

Q: Can cage trolleys be customized?

A: Of course! And there may be customization options such as additional shelves or hooks.

Q: What types of wheels do cage trolleys have?

A: Cage trolleys often feature sturdy wheels, such as swivel casters, for smooth movement and easy navigation.

Q: Are cage trolleys suitable for transporting fragile items?

A: The mesh or cage design helps prevent items from falling out, making cage trolleys suitable for transporting various items, including fragile ones.

Q: Are there weight restrictions for items placed inside the cage?

A: While there may not be specific weight restrictions inside the cage, it's important to consider the overall load capacity of the trolley.

Q: Can cage trolleys be used on inclined surfaces?

A: It's advisable to use caution on inclined surfaces, and some models may have limitations on slopes.

Q: Do cage trolleys require maintenance?

A: Regular maintenance, such as checking wheels and lubricating moving parts, can help ensure the longevity and proper functionality of cage trolleys.

Q: Are replacement parts available for cage trolleys?

A: Yes,we provide replacement parts for the cage trolleys, including wheels, handles, and other components.

Q: Can cage trolleys be used for waste disposal?

A: Yes, some cage trolleys are suitable for waste collection and disposal in various industries.

Q: Are there different sizes of cage trolleys available?

A: Yes, cage trolleys come in various sizes to accommodate different types and quantities of items.

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